About Us

We provide an academic environment for serious students of the Word of God in the north Texas region to assemble and hear Pastor R. B. Thieme III, pastor of Berachah Church, teach Bible doctrine via a live audio/video connection.

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The Dallas Tape Group was chartered in 1995 as Machaira Bible Church to study the Word of God as taught by R. B. Thieme, Jr., who retired in 2003.

The source of our name is from Hebrews 4:12a: "The Word of God is alive and powerful sharper than any MACHAIRA (two-edged sword.)"

Machaira Bible Church continues to provide a local source for publications from R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries.

Our congregation is encouraged to augment the current study with older series in order to maintain a daily study of the Word of God. Bible studies can be obtained from the following sources:

Berachah Church offers mp3 and DVD recordings of Bible Classes taught by Pastor R. B. Thieme III.

R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries offers publications and audio recordings taught by R. B. Thieme, Jr. A tape catalogue is available by clicking here and is available in the publications room at our church.